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Smokey Jack o Lantern

Nouvelle Eau de Parfum - Halloween

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New scents, that are being offered for the first time. These new perfumes have been sampled in previous collections!

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Choose from the following scents:

Black Cat: Licorice, Lavender, and Fennel, swirled in a burnt sugar caramel!

Creature Feature: Buttered Popcorn, Malted Milk Balls, M&M’s, and Raisins!

Goblin Grog: Ginger syrup, Blood Oranges, Butterbeer and nutmeg.

Haunted Library: At long last, the awaited Haunted Library scent I have been working on for ages!  Flickering candlelight reveals faint hints of wax burning in the dark corners among the ancient bookshelves, aged, dusty oak and dampened earthen cellars, with worn bindings. A touch of musty vanilla left from lingering spirits, while wafts of ghostly faint florals, mingle with incense traces left behind on onion skin thin pages of forgotten rituals.

Moon Milk: Inspired by the Ayurvedic Moon Milk to soothe you to sleep. Notes include Chamomile, Cocoa absolute, Frankincense, Lavender, a milk note and a touch of cinnamon.

Ren Faire: Experience the enchanting aroma of the Ren Faire, with the Renaissance Faire’s cinnamon sugared almonds (close cousin to Moona’s Dickens Faire scent), dusty and dry woods, campfires, and atmospheric incense!

Sleepy Hallow redux: the main component was discontinued a couple of years ago, but I found a replacement and reformulated it. This is close to the original, and still smokey but I toned down the smokiness in it.

Spectral Moon: The excitement of Halloween night fills the air with wonder and a bit of tingling fear of the supernatural!  Notes of Petrichor: the earthy scent left after fresh rain, aroma of wet leaves and cedar wood and a tad of smoldering pinion and patchouli in the background, layered over the warmth of sandalwood, saffron and hay. 

Sugar Skulls: Sweet sugared Marshmallows, Vanilla Bean, and White Chocolate.

The Veil: The poetic expression of describing the boundary between the physical world and the spiritual world, which grows thinnest on All Hallows Eve…...A beautiful lapsang souchong tea note, on an amber base made of flowering tops, and dried fruits, with hints of warm caramel and soft leather, vanishing up in a curl of incense smoke!   NOTE- this scent is offered at a higher price due to the higher costs of components in