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Abby Normal Bars
Abby Normal Bars
Abby Normal Bars
Abby Normal Bars
Abby Normal Bars

Abby Normal Bars

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Moona saw these beautiful artisan made soap molds and  just couldn't resist! So she acquired them and is making handmade individual soap bars weighing in a little over  five ounces each. Each is individually made so nuances in color will vary. The blacks and greys are hues achieved with activated charcoal powder. The orangish color is achieved with a blend of soap colorants. 

Choose from Fortune Teller mold or Raven Mold. 

Fortune Teller mold comes in two scents choose from:

Fortune Teller: Peppermint tea leaves (NOT sweet candy cane like peppermint), sultry vanilla and a slight hint of copal incense smoke.

Cauldron Cakes: Deliciously sinful Cauldron Cakes oozing with melted Butter, Cinnamon, and Maple and Vanilla glaze, with a crushed nutting topping, and served with piping hot cappuccino and a tiny, tiny touch of Witching mischief!

Raven comes in this choice of scents: 

The Rumpkin!: Delicious pumpkin goodies with a twist of fresh sweet lavender essential oil. Orange and black Raven bar. 

Blood & Donuts: Blood oranges and Jelly filled donuts, dipped in dark chocolate in a late-night cafe filled with intrigue and the undead!

Eye of Providence {not pictured yet

Cedarwood & Patchouli: Pure and simple blend of rich, and robust essential oils!

No Witches on a Crackling Fire: A berry rich type of smoldering wood. If you try to smell the distinctive notes separately you can smell the berries and woods. It blends all together and comes in, to me, as a very realistic outdoor camping fire with that kind of sweet wet smolder in the damp morning woods.