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Soap Bars- Halloween
Soap Bars- Halloween
Soap Bars
Soap Bars- Halloween

Soap Bars- Halloween

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Soap Bars are big and fat, each bar, weighing in at 6.5-9 oz depending on the cut and if they have inclusions. 

9.95 each

Ouija Board Bars Scents to choose from:

Fortune Teller: Peppermint tea leaves (NOT sweet candy cane like peppermint), sultry vanilla and a slight hint of copal incense smoke.

Hocus Pocus: Take a walk in the wooded forest near the three sisters’ house. Breathe in the fresh sweet aroma as you brush by the balsam pines, and wild growing blackberries, mulberries, and cloudberries. As you get closer you get whiffs of their smudging sticks made of red clover and sweetgrass. Puffs of their magic incense and potions fill the air with tuffs of sweet amber, French vanilla, cinnamon, and caramelized sugar.

Halloween Candy Bars Scents to choose from:

Poison Candy!: Urban legends and Sweet candy mix with poisonous berries! Beware of strangers bearing gifts!!!

Swirly Pop: Halloween is complete with this delightful treat of Sweet Orange eo, Caramel, Vanilla and Spun Sugar!

Other bar scents to choose from, designs will vary and at whim of Moona:

Absinthe Marshmallow: All the green goodness of Absinthe with the fluffy light as feather treat of Marshmallow cream!

Creature Feature: Buttered Popcorn, Malted Milk Balls, M&M's and Raisins!