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Vintage & Rare Perfumes
Vintage & Rare Perfumes

Vintage & Rare Perfumes

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Vintage oils, decanted from years past, once forgotten but found again!.

These are previously decanted oils from past collections. They have aged over time and may have a different personality from their more recently decanted counterparts. A great chance for a vertical sniffing of our vintages!

Bottle and cap designs may vary, as will the labels. 

Perfumes vary in size from 5ml to 3ml (as noted), due to variables in cost of components.  

These four scents contain hard to obtain components and why we offer them so rarely, but will have them again:

Queens Gloves 3ml: This scent was inspired by a recipe for an aromatic powder made to scent the leather gloves of Queen Elizabeth I. This powder was a gift from her secret lover, the Earle of Essex. Date of original recipe is about 1588. It was said she was seen often walking around sniffing the gloves while carrying them in her hand with a smile on her face. I took the aromatic powder recipe and converted it into a compendium of modern herbs and oils to recreate the original recipe into a perfume. This artisan perfume is made from 100% natural components. Notes include: Egyptian rose absolute, orris root, Benzoin, essence of citron, clove bud, lavender, rosewood, muscade (nutmeg) and Amyris.

Vintage Oracle 3ml: Oakmoss absolute, white Cognac and cypress, Enticing, clean, clear and thought-provoking.

Vintage Lavender Vanilla Bourbon 3ml: Lavender EO, layered deliciously with boozy vintage vanilla absolute!

Sands of Mars 3ml: From the Sands of Mars!! ~ This scent has various light and dark woods that are warm and resinous, with a dusty Marshy note, and slight hint of musk and ripe fruit quality.