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Nouveau Parfum

Nouveau Parfum

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New scents, that are being offered for the first time. These new perfumes have been sampled in previous collections!

British Jaffa Cake: Light sponge cakes with dark crackly Chocolate and a smashing orangey center.

Caramel Cardamon Affogato: Indulge in a deep Vanilla Bourbon Musk with hot, steamy cocoa, and Cafe Macchiato, drizzled in rich caramel, and Vanilla sugared milk, spiced perfectly with cardamon and nutmeg.

Cedarwood, Amber and Fir: This scent is inspired by brisk wet woodsy trails through the woods on cold winter evening hikes. 

Hexenhäuschen (witch’s cottage): All that a magical gingerbread nestled in an enchanted forest should smell like! Gingerbread, icing, baked goodies, butter, various woods, resins and a tinge of a crackling fire and spices and a smattering of dried herbs. 

Sugar Rum Cherry: Sugared Vanilla Bourbon rummed Cherries.