Vintage & Rare Perfumes
Vintage & Rare Perfumes

Vintage & Rare Perfumes

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Vintage oils, decanted from years past, once forgotten but found again!.

These are previously decanted oils from past collections. They have aged over time and may have a different personality from their more recently decanted counterparts. A great chance for a vertical sniffing of our vintages!

Bottle and cap designs may vary, as will the labels. 

Perfumes vary in size from 5ml to 3ml (as noted), due to variables in cost of components.  

Choose from these scents:

Aurora 3ml: Jasmine, Neroli, Petitgrain, Patchouli, Clary Sage among many others. Aurora is a 200 year old therapeutic recipe to entice Joy using 27 different essential oils.

Black Currant Berry Tart 5ml: A mixture of tart and sweet dark juicy berries topping a dollop of creme fraiche set on a buttery crispy graham cracker crust.

Chocolate Marshmallow 5ml: Dark, velvety chocolate blankets, sweet and creamy marshmallows.

Duchess of Willowdale 3ml: This is the newer blend but still working on it to be closer to the older and an even richer one. I have made for the Amber and Labdanum and Salome's Secret mixed with the same dark decadent chocolate oils as before.

Katherine 3ml: Moona's Cashmere Woods, blended with Moona's Duchess of Willowdale , blended with Rose attar! This recipe idea came from the lovely Katherine!!

Lilac and Hyacinths 3ml: Bloom open your day with this beautiful & fresh scent of Lilacs and Hyacinths!

Oakmoss Lime & Bay 3ml:

Peches Melba 3ml (french spelling for Peaches): Juicy ripe peaches with a teeny squeeze of lemon, and fresh raspberry topped vanilla bean ice cream!

Ruined 3ml: Drop dead sexy woody, musky amber incense perfume in a 3ml hex bottle with gem and dauber cap.

Sanctuary 3ml: Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Rose and deep forest mulch.


Tuscan Gardens 3ml: Gorgeous and juicy Mediterranean citrus fruits, layered with a kiss of traditional Tuscan herbs and spices Lavender Absolute and Hungarian Lavender, Peppermint & Star Anise essential oils. Resting on a rich base of Vanilla Bourbon absolute with titch of Cinnamon bark. This is an all natural scent.

Vanilla Rose 3ml: