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Evil Kitty Tarts
Evil Kitty Tarts
Evil Kitty Tarts

Evil Kitty Tarts

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Evil Kitty, what are you trying to do to me.......  Fill your room with a cozy scent with this cutie pie evil kittens! Flame free wax melts let you enjoy the look, scent, and atmosphere without a flame.

Handmade by Moona herself with a proprietary wax blend, including soy, coconut, and paraffin. Each tart is made individually in a tiny mold with a variety of natural additives depending on scent, such as mini gem stones, spices, dried herbs, flowers, and crushed aromatic resins, as well as eco friendly mica and or eco glitter. Some scents are made with more precious components so the cost is reflective of that. 

Comes five Kitties to a package for $8.95, each kitty weighs approximately 0.4 oz. each.

Just toss into your wax melter, melt and enjoy!

Choose from:

Summer Scents

Apple Brown Betty:  Warm, inviting baked apple, lemon, cinnamon, and buttery crust. This classic combination makes a fantastic comfort dish as well as a wonderful bath and body scent.

Bahama Mama:  A delicious tropical coffee drink, make one for yourself! ;)

Blueberry Hill:  Delicious, warm blueberry syrup, butter and pancakes, slurp.... this one is a straight up fragrance that is so good on its own, I never had the heart to add a thing.

Chocolate Cola(reformulated) Rich, dark chocolate syrup blends beautifully with fragrant and fresh effervescent cola! One of Moo's favorite scents! It’s chocolaty, but the soda cuts the sweetness just enough to make it refreshing for summer!

Cloven Cotton Candy:  The sweet and delicious aroma of spun sugar with a slight hint of real clove bud e.o., for a slightly sinister twist on a too innocent classic!

Limoncello & Sponge Cake: A vibrant lemon citrusy sugared Italian aperitif mixed with pillow soft white cake and a touch of mint.

Pineapple Express(reformulated) A marriage made in heaven. Moona's two scents; Caribbean Coconut Cake, which is a tropical paradise of sun kissed mangos and pineapple, soaking into decadent, rum spiked, coconut cakes, mixed with Moona's Confetti Cake, which is white fluffy cake, topped with mounds and mounds of freshly made buttercream icing, sprinkled with bright, and cheery, confetti sprinkles!

Twisted Ginger:  Oh, those Redheads. Watch out she may bite!! This one is another maniacal cotton candy scent with toasted coconut spun sugar delight, garnished with fresh & candied ginger!

Twisted Carnival 2:  Buttery toffee crusted marshmallows and strawberry jam topped funnel cakes!