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Fairy Collection Perfume
Fairy Collection Perfume

Fairy Collection Perfume

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These are our Fairy Collection Scents offered for the first time since they were included in our Fairy Mystery bags, so long ago!

Citrus Moon 5ml: Golden Amber and honey sparkle with a blend of bright citrus essential oils and blonde woods.

Enchanted Forest 3ml: An Enchanted Forest is often described as a lush and vibrant forest with towering trees, colorful flowers, and sparkling streams. A place where Fairies and other magical creatures reside. Spiritual Frankincense, woodsy Balsam, and Cedar, with rich, resinous and smokey Oud.

Fairy Wine 5ml (Formally known as Faylinn Fruit):  Mythical fairy wine is said to be a potent and magical beverage made by fairies from forest berries and flowers, dewdrops, and moonbeams! Ripe juicy mulberries, honeysuckle nectar and fresh green ferns and with a subtle floral background.

Garden Fairy 5ml: REFORMULATED An ethereal blend to celebrate the Garden Fairy's mischievous but loving nature, and its devotion to the garden’s creatures, plants and flowers. Garden fairies are thought to bring good fortune and luck to the gardens they tend to. Fresh floral bouquet, with mossy and damp wood notes. 

Moonlight Tuberose 3ml: Magical night blooming Tuberose essential oil mixes with deep forest notes, white musk, and sandalwood.