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Gingerbread House Soaps
Gingerbread House Soaps
Gingerbread House Soaps
Gingerbread House Soaps

Gingerbread House Soaps

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Moona makes these cute little Gingerbread soaps from Goats milk and Butter Milk with natural micas and eco glitter and scent! The little vintage pine and mushroom pics are plastic and decorte only and should be removed before using. These are all handmade and various different house molds so each item will vary a bit  and vary in color. 


Choose from:

Shivering Pines (sampled out last Mooscents Halloween collection) : Experience a haunted Christmas cabin deep in the woods with a blend of pure essential oils of conifer trees like Pine, crisp frosty ghostly citrus zest and mint, warming Christmas memories of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, with a hint of mystical resins and fireplace embers.

Christmas Tea : Much like the classic Constant Comet tea, it warms Moona’s heart to be reminded with her beloved father’s favorite tea! So of course it was left out for Santa with the cookies every year, in her father's favorite potbelly brown English teapot.  Black Tea, Ginger Clove, Cinnamon, Orange.

Honeycomb Scones: The comforting scent of buttery pastry, warmed with the golden nectar of rich nourishing honey.

Sugared Forest: Sugared Spruce, frosted berries, and fir trees.

Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel: Hot buttery oats, with a slightly spiced baked apple strudel with a heart of warming goodness.

And in this soap only:

Gingerbread House: Classic buttery warm gingerbread.