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Gnome Soaps
Gnome Soaps

Gnome Soaps

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These are the same adorable little chubby guys used in Moona's Gnome Cupcake soaps of yore! But all on their own. Lovingly handmade with eco glitter and mica. All vary slightly in color as they are handmade. 


Choose from the following scents:

Dicken's Faire: Moona’s favorite place to be this time of year!! The mouthwatering scent of sugared roasting almonds, vanilla, and spice! You can smell throughout the entire grounds! Unfortunately, Dickens Fair had to be reformulated, the last of the original was sold out in the last two releases but I already reformulated it and the change is minimal!

Gingerbread and Turkish Mocha: Yummy snappy gingerbread mixed with the classic Turkish mocha scent!

Jingle Jelly Donuts: The irresistible scent of sugary fried dough, sweet vanilla, and gobs of oozing strawberry jam!

This years version of No Place like Gnome: Sweet smoking hearth and woods with warm bakery goodness!

Woodland Moss: Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Lavender etc. and in the soap "Man Soap" I add actual Oakwood Moss, a French perfumer's secret for centuries.