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Goddess Soap Bars
Goddess Soap Bars

Goddess Soap Bars

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Goddess Soaps from the vintage mold I have used in the past to make in a set. This year they are individual bars in three different scent choices. I made these decades ago at my farmers markets in Half Moon Bay. Only pic of these is a tiny thumb nail from long ago. This listing is for one bar of soap , pic is of a set. Colors and herbs will vary as will the sprinkling of magic dust!

New pics coming soon!

9.95 each

Choose from: 

Pomona (sampled as Goddess Pomona): Goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards. Juicy, luscious ripe fruits of Rhubarb, lychee and apricots, smooth creamy dry woods, and Lucious fruit nectar with caramelized sugar. 

Selene:  The Dreaming Fairy Queen- This scent is a replication of the very first scent MoonaLisa™ conjured as a wee child and, as luck would have it, still has some of the original concoction in a beautiful vessel to this day. Amber, Clove, Patchouli & Rose. 

Spider Woman Goddess - Earth Mother 

Name in Navajo: Na’ashjéii Asdzáá

Also spelled: Na ashje'ii 'Asdzáá

Pronunciation: nah-ahsh-jay-ee ahs-dzah (Navajo)

Tribal Affiliation  Navajo, Hopi
Goddess of creativity, balance and nature and weaving.
There are many scared stories and beliefs surrounding the legend of Spider Woman. Deeply rooted in Navajo culture she symbolizes the importance of balancing ones creativity, with harmony in ones life. According to Navajo belief, Spider Woman is a powerful deity who created the universe and everything in it through her ability to weave. I think we all are challenged with this concept everyday. Life’s demands of family, work, our own rituals of our own health and stamina as well as our creative pursuits is a hard balance act for sure. One I attempt to achieve daily, and rarely meet, Ha!  But such is life as I continue to weave literally, and symbolically, and look to the Spider Woman for inspiration. 
The oils I used for this blend are for clarity, creativity, and  balance.  An essential oil blend of citrus note type of Frankincense, French Lavender, Sweet Lavender Absolute, Peppermint, Tangerine,  Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Clary Sage.