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Goddess Tarts
Goddess Tarts

Goddess Tarts

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A vintage pagan mold is used for these powerful Goddess shapes, handmade by Moona herself with a proprietary wax blend, including soy, coconut, and paraffin. Each tart is made individually in the mold with a variety of natural additives depending on scent, such as mini gem stones, spices, dried herbs, flowers, and crushed aromatic resins, as well as eco friendly mica and or eco glitter, color of wax will vary. Some scents are made with more precious components so the cost is reflective of that. 

Fill your room with a magical scent with this alternative to candles! Flame free wax melts let you enjoy the look, scent, and atmosphere without a flame.

Comes with two Goddesses to a package for $10.95, weighing in at approximately 3.6 ounces total, each Goddess is 6 inches by 1.5 inches.

Break off a piece or use whole and just toss into your wax melter, melt and enjoy!

Choose from:

Pomona (sampled as Goddess Pomona): Goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards. Juicy, luscious ripe fruits of Rhubarb, lychee and apricots, smooth creamy dry woods, and Lucious fruit nectar with caramelized sugar. 

Selene:  The Dreaming Fairy Queen- This scent is a replication of the very first scent MoonaLisa™ conjured as a wee child and, as luck would have it, still has some of the original concoction in a beautiful vessel to this day. Amber, Clove, Patchouli & Rose. 

Blessings & Happy Spirit: Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood.

Posidonia:  An aquatic and earthy scent, with essence of the ocean. Sea moss, foam, shells, and seaweed, mingle with fresh, floral, and citrus notes of grapefruit, gardenia, and lilac. Grounded by earthly notes of clary sage, coriander, parsley, and fir needle.