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Nouvelle Eau de Parfum

Nouvelle Eau de Parfum

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New scents, that are being offered for the first time. These new perfumes have been sampled in previous collections!

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Label designs will vary depending on scent as well as color of cap.

Perfume sprays can NOW BE SHIPPED internationally! Be sure to select DHL as your shipping.

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Choose from the following scents:


Jellybean Cotton Candy: New Version! A blend of sweet and tart fruity jellybeans bouncing with joy and mingling with Blue spun sugar cotton candy!

Raspberry White Chocolate: Buttery, creamy, sweet White Chocolate blends with ripe, juicy, tart Wild Raspberries!

Lavender Vanilla Bean: Essential oils of Lavender and Vanilla, Vanilla Fragrance oil, sprinkled with vanilla bean specks and crushed homegrown organic lavender buds.

Limoncello & Sponge Cake: A vibrant lemon citrusy sugared Italian aperitif mixed with pillow soft white cake and a touch of mint.