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Nouvelle Eau de Parfum

Nouvelle Eau de Parfum

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New scents, that are being offered for the first time. These new perfumes have been sampled in previous collections!

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Choose from the following scents:

These new ones have all been sampled, and a continuation of my studies in Pear, Vanilla and Cardamon. The Cardamon Pear and Gingered Peach have similar components but the final impression is all very different, I hope you enjoy them!- Moona

Cardamon Pear: ( sampled last Tudor/ Mardi gras collection) Pear accord made with a rare and special Sandalwood (Santalum Album from Australia) sustainably harvested! This sandalwood has character unlike regular sandalwood oil. With sweet caramelized baked notes and woody spiciness. This bioabsolute is the result of a double process: first the sandalwood heartwood was distilled, and then the spent wood was solvent extracted to make an absolute. Very special! Blended also with fresh ginger, grapefruit, cardamon, and a boozy vanilla!

Essence of Peach Blossom (sampled out Halloween 2020): This recipe is a version of an 1866 study of perfumery and cosmetics. Notes include; Lemon, Bitter Almond, Jasmine, Sweet Orange, Neroli, and Balsam of Peru.

Gingered Peach: ( sampled Summer 2023) A bright Peach accord and aroma of freshly grated Ginger root. 

Woodland Vanilla: Creamy, milky woods blend with Bulgarian roses and a white musk made with Vanilla blossoms, Jasmine, sweet orange and Tagetes (Marigolds).