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Perfume  - Shivering Pines Collection

Perfume - Shivering Pines Collection

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Bottle and cap designs may vary, as will the labels. Perfumes vary in size from 5ml to 3ml (as noted), due to variables in cost of components.

Shivering Pines Collection a mix of warm nostalgia and a bit of old fashioned ghostly Christmas stories to send shivers down your spine while you are curled up under a warm blanket with your favorite hot beverage.  

Nestle up, deep in the woods for a good ole nostalgic Christmas/Yule! With the fresh and invigorating aromas of Conifer tree forests, brisk, frosty Winter air, warm and inviting aromas cooking in the kitchens making their seasonal offerings of baked goods, and the delightful comfort of resinous woods smoldering in the fireplaces to keep us warm at Shivering Pines! But don’t get to comfy, this little community deep in the woods is haunted!

This is a collection Moona has been working on for a while now, we are offering a few scents to start if off this holiday season with more coming in the near future!  

Please choose from these scents:

Shivering Pines 3ml: (sampled out last Mooscents Halloween collection) Experience a haunted Christmas cabin deep in the woods with a blend of pure essential oils of conifer trees like Pine, crisp frosty ghostly citrus zest and mint, warming Christmas memories of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, with a hint of mystical resins and fireplace embers. 

Whispering Winds 3ml:  Picture a Christmas where the snow falls not in delicate snowflakes but in eerie spirals. The wind carries whispers sending shivers down your spine, the flickering moonlight cast ominous shadows as you hurry for the safety and comfort of your cabin. Natural oils of Cypress, Spruce, Juniper, Lavender, Spearmint.

Haunted Hearth 5ml: Step into a ghost story with the flickering glow of the warm hearth. The crackling flames play tricks on your eyes were you think you see spectral shapes dancing. The air is filled with the enchanting aroma while you get lost in gazing at the ghostly figures partaking in festive activities, or is it your imagination?  Smoky Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, a sweet and smoky Vanilla bean.   

Candlelight Choir 3ml:  Echoing through abandoned halls a ghostly midnight choir, draped in tattered robes, sings forgotten carols in latin with an ethereal beauty sending shivers down your spine. Vanilla, Amber, Benzoin, Frankincense and myrrh resins, Beeswax, Labdanum, Rose and black pepper.

Christmas Tea 5ml: Much like the classic Constant Comet tea, it warms Moona’s heart to be reminded with her beloved father’s favorite tea! So of course it was left out for Santa with the cookies every year, in her father's favorite potbelly brown English teapot. ;) Black Tea, Ginger Clove, Cinnamon, Orange.

Honeycomb Scones 5ml: The comforting scent of buttery pastry, warmed with the golden nectar of rich nourishing honey.