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MoonaLisa Sea Witch Bath Salts

Sea Witch Bath Salts

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Packed full of our ocean's goodness! These are the bag version, not the jar, and still comes with a little bag of Dulse for mermaid play in the tub! 

  • Ingredients:  Pacific Ocean Spa Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salts, *Noirmoutier salts, mineral salts, Spirulina, and essential oils of Cypress and Spruce.. And a little bag of Dulse (a type of seaweed).
  • Directions for use:  Sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 cup in a regular sized bath tub.  For a fun experience, use bits of Dulse that are included in your bag, and enjoy the benefits of its mineral rich bounty from the sea!!!  Use as much or as little as desired of these salts in your bath to create a fragrant, moisturizing oasis in your own tub.

This product uses pure Essential oils, please be sure you are not pregnant nor allergic before use!!


May cause your tub to become slippery.  Please use caution when exiting tub.

*Noirmoutier salts- Are  harvested by hand from the island
of Noirmoutier near Brittany, France. Harvesting the salt is a totally natural cottage
industry where the only ingredients are the sea, the sun, and wo/man.