Summer Soap Bars
Summer Soap Bars
Summer Soap Bars

Summer Soap Bars

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Soap Bars are big and fat, each bar, weighing in at 6.5-9 oz depending on the cut and if they have inclusions. 

9.95 each

Bahama Mama: A delicious tropical coffee drink, make one for yourself! ;)
Mix the following in a shaker with ice.
½ oz coconut rum
½ oz rum
½ oz coffee liqueur (optional)

Lemon Sugar: Reformulated and delicious tart, fresh Lemon dipped in warm vanilla sugar!

Neptunes Cove(soap version)Oceanic salty moss fragrance is blended with Oakmoss concrete and other coniferous botanicals to give it a slightly wet, earthy, cove like scent.

Pineapple Whip: Moona's version of the iconic, juicy, frozen whip dessert from the famous amusement park! Notes of delicious pineapple, vanilla ice cream, lemon and papaya!

Strawberry Milkshake: Frothy, juicy Strawberries and cream!

Thai Sunset: Yet again, one more scent from the archives that started MoonaLisa! A warm and woodsy blend full of sharp citrus fruits, lemongrass, and woods. Soothing and fresh! Represents honesty, growth and clairvoyance.