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Tarot Mini-Tarts

Tarot Mini-Tarts

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Magical Tarot scents in mini little cards. These all have magical designs , but not specific to any cards. Fill your room with a cozy scent with this alternative to candles! Flame free wax melts let you enjoy the look, scent, and atmosphere without a flame.

Handmade by Moona herself with a proprietary wax blend, including soy, coconut, and paraffin. Each tart is made individually in a tiny mold with a variety of natural additives depending on scent, such as mini gem stones, spices, dried herbs, flowers, and crushed aromatic resins, as well as eco friendly mica and or eco glitter. Some scents are made with more precious components so the cost is reflective of that. 

Comes nine little cards to a package weighing in at approximately 2.70-3  ounces depending on inclusions for $8.95

Just toss into your wax melter, melt and enjoy!

Choose from:

Empress:  Align with the Earth Mother with notes of Geranium, Neroli, Rosewood, Jasmine, Tangerine, and White Amber.

Three of Cups:  Rejoice with the maidens in this blend of merriment with various fresh citrus fruits and beautiful florals.

Star:  A cleansing blend filled with hope and love with Holy Basil, Bergamot, Sweet Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Petitgrain.