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Container Candle - 7oz.
Container Candle - 7oz.
Container Candle - 7oz.
Container Candle - 7oz.
Container Candle - 7oz.

Container Candle - 7oz.

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Handmade container candles made with plant-based vegetable oil soy wax base, blended with golden Bees wax and a bit of Paraffin for better throw. 

Price increase is because the jars are now a 7oz size, not a 6oz, but still with bamboo lids as shown in first picture, (lids shown with aluminum lids are from older collections).

Jars are glass with a lid and design of label will vary depending on scent. .

Low smoke natural soy wax coated Cotton wicks, are zinc and lead free!

Please choose from the following scents:  

Almond Pastries:  Back from long, long ago, Moona’s scent from the past is back! Airy flaky pastries with a sweet almond filling.

Buttered Rum Crème Brûlée:  A rich, caramel crusted, custard dessert with a buttery Rum boozy twist! Mmmmmm!

Ostara:  Rites of Spring - Cedarwood, Lavender, Rose, Clove, and a touch of Dragon's Blood.

Raspberry White Chocolate: Buttery, creamy, sweet White Chocolate blends with ripe, juicy, tart Wild Raspberries!

Scorned: (Reformulated) An ambered smoking heart, left out in the cold icy sugared spruce woods, spirited away by a river of frankincense tears. I like this new version much better, but it DOES NOT smell anything like the old one.

Vantasia: The stock scent of Spellbound Woods > "Spellbound Woods is a blend of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood and the barest hint of light floral on the drydown." and then with a Secret Vanilla blend of mine,and added in a natural Cedarwood Eo.