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Nouveau Parfum

Nouveau Parfum

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New scents, that are being offered for the first time. These new perfumes have been sampled in previous collections!

Amadine 3ml: Inspired from the book, “The Toilet and Cosmetic Arts in Ancient and Modern Times,” 1866. Notes: Honey accord, a sweet and resinous Vanilla accord, Almond and Bergamot Essential oils.

Cherry Blossom 3ml: Peach, Violet, and nuances of Almonds and berries, with tinges of an exotic floral, which is sweet and balsamic, and reminiscent of cherry blossoms.

Frangipani 3ml: Moona’s play with an old recipe from the book, “The Housewife’s Handy-Book,” 1896. Notes: Rose, Orris, Vanilla essence, Lavender, Bergamot, Cassia, Sandalwood, and Neroli.

Lavender Sandalwood and Vanilla 5ml: Straight forward, and romantic! Sweet aromatic lavender essential oil plays with sultry sandalwood and a vanilla accord.

Pizzelle 5ml: A buttery Italian waffle cookie laced with anise.